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This index organizes precedent decisions around a key word or phrase. The "Subject" category is a broad area relevant to the law surrounding the issue. The "Sub-Category" is a further division of the issues related to the "Subject."

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Note: The social security numbers (SSNs) and employer account numbers of those involved in these decisions have been deleted for privacy. Occasionally, employee names and SSNs were listed separately in an appendix; where that occurred, the appendix has been deleted.

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Subject Sub-Category Precedent Decision Numbers
Tardiness P-B-143, P-B-186
Tax Cases Answer to petition P-T-425
Burden of proof P-T-013, P-T-100
Collateral estoppel by benefit decision P-T-437
Effect of IRS rulings P-T-104, P-T-403, P-T-406
Proceeding without a hearing P-T-056
Relationship to benefit cases P-B-349, P-T-437
Taxes Acquisition of business P-T-142
Estimated P-T-074
Fraud P-T-489
Late payment P-T-449
Liability of government entities P-T-447
Personal liability P-T-105, P-T-446
Rate P-T-158
Teachers Customary vacation/recess period P-B-412
Legislative intent P-B-412
Reduction in school year P-B-412
Successive terms P-B-440
Terms and conditions of offer P-B-461
Temporary Services Employer P-T-473
Temporary Work P-B-154, P-B-267, P-B-269, P-B-284, P-D-455, P-D-469, P-T-473
Termination of Employment Relationship Filing of claim P-B-011, P-B-159
Layoff P-R-029, P-B-161, P-B-373, P-B-430, P-D-455, P-D-469
Permanent replacement P-B-095
Sale of business P-B-264
Suspension P-B-472
Trade dispute P-B-095, P-B-208, P-B-399, P-B-451
Testimony Admissions by parties P-B-057, P-B-090
Declarations and affidavits P-B-273, P-B-293, P-B-378, P-B-478
Direct P-B-187
Exclusion of P-B-057, P-B-235
Findings of other tribunals P-T-104, P-B-187, P-T-403, P-T-406
Hearsay P-R-038, P-B-057, P-B-218, P-B-273, P-B-293, P-B-378, P-B-478
Illegally obtained P-B-057
Independent judgment P-T-013, P-B-057, P-B-069
Inferences P-R-085, P-B-153
Judicial notice P-B-292, P-B-482
Lay evidence of disability P-D-383, P-D-388, P-D-426
New evidence on appeal to Board P-T-013, P-B-144
Objection to P-B-235
Omissions P-B-251
Plea in criminal case P-B-090
Preponderance P-B-057
Privilege P-B-057, P-B-216
Unreliable, not credible P-B-021, P-B-057, P-B-292
Weight of evidence P-T-013, P-B-057, P-T-100, P-B-188, P-B-276, P-D-381, P-D-384, P-R-468
Theft P-B-057, P-B-090
Time Limits Appeal to Administrative Law Judge P-B-036, P-B-347, P-B-354, P-B-357, P-B-367
Appeal to Board P-T-035
Assessment of false statement P-D-487
Assessment of overpayment P-M-345
Claim filing P-B-084, P-B-448
Employer response to Department notice P-R-107, P-T-302
Petition for review P-T-364
Petition to Administrative Law Judge P-T-023, P-T-364
Redetermination P-B-128, P-B-133, P-B-439
Reopening P-B-481
Tax Assessment P-T-489
Training extension P-B-466, P-B-482
Timeliness Backdating claim:  
   Beyond claimant's control P-D-434
   Eligible for both UI & DI P-B-398
   Illness P-B-360
   Misleading information from EDD P-B-168
   Negligence P-D-130
   No notice of right to file P-D-394, P-B-491
Late appeal, petition, or claim form:  
   Ambiguous notice P-B-281, P-B-347
   Confusion P-B-480
   Due diligence P-B-084, P-B-420
   Illness P-T-023
   Late continued claim not a reopened claim P-B-448
   Minimal delay P-B-420
   Mistake P-B-348
Late payment of taxes P-T-449
No good cause exception P-T-030, P-T-105, P-T-449, P-B-466, P-B-482
Postmark, effect of P-T-035, P-B-354
Reopen appeal/petition P-T-056, P-T-118, P-B-365, P-B-393, P-B-421, P-B-453, P-B-481
Timely appeal P-B-036, P-B-354, P-B-367
Untimely appeal P-B-199, P-B-281, P-B-347, P-B-348, P-B-350, P-B-354, P-B-357, P-B-420, P-B-480
Untimely employer protest:  
   Location notice of claim mailed to P-R-146, P-R-370
   No information or dispute P-R-107, P-R-363
   Press of business P-T-302
Untimely petition for reassessment P-T-035
Tips P-B-020, P-B-022
Trade Dispute Existence of P-B-024, P-B-093, P-B-231, P-B-399
Fear of violence P-B-112
Integrated employer P-B-093
Involved in P-B-093, P-B-112, P-B-401
Lock-out P-B-024, P-B-451
New employment during trade dispute P-B-095
Offer to return to work P-B-401
Offers of work to non-participants P-B-319
Permanent replacement P-B-095
Severance of the employment relationship P-B-095, P-B-208
Unemployed because of P-B-089, P-B-093
Volitional test P-B-024, P-B-089, P-B-093, P-B-112
Week of P-B-374, P-B-375
Training Benefits Extension P-B-466, P-B-482, P-T-488
Reduction in labor market P-B-109
Transfer In lieu of layoff P-B-088, P-B-124, P-B-127, P-B-232, P-B-286, P-B-291, P-B-456
Negation of good cause to quit P-B-008, P-B-044
Reserve account P-T-033, P-T-064
Transportation Available for work P-B-227, P-B-248, P-B-316, P-B-320
Good cause to quit P-B-025, P-B-232, P-B-233, P-B-235, P-B-236, P-B-242, P-B-245, P-B-249, P-B-262
Refuse offer of work P-B-075, P-B-220, P-B-240, P-B-248, P-B-303, P-B-318
Seek work P-B-062
Unemployed Athlete between seasons P-B-009
Commission sales P-B-201
Corporate officers P-B-140, P-B-152
Fishermen P-B-048, P-B-049, P-B-355
Leave of absence P-B-131, P-B-257, P-B-265, P-B-268
No services P-B-356
Partially employed individual P-B-174
Wages P-B-004, P-B-043, P-B-047, P-B-060, P-B-128, P-B-168, P-B-357, P-B-451, P-B-477
Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) P-B-067, P-B-090, P-B-097
Unemployment Compensation of Ex-Service Personnel (UCX) P-B-165
Unemployment Insurance Benefits Interrelationship with disability benefits P-B-369, P-B-398, P-D-435
Interrelationship with extended and special benefits P-B-368, P-B-396, P-B-452
Union Refusal to join or pay dues P-B-290, P-B-318
Registration with hiring hall P-B-062
Unity of Enterprise P-T-019, P-T-033, P-T-158, P-T-358
Untimely Appeals P-B-084, P-B-199, P-B-281, P-B-347, P-B-348, P-B-350, P-B-354, P-B-357, P-B-420, P-B-480, P-B-486
Vacation Pay P-D-160, P-B-161, P-B-430, P-B-451
Valid Claim Compared to eligible for benefits P-B-161, P-B-168
General P-B-071, P-B-115, P-B-351
Unemployed P-B-161, P-B-356
Voluntary Leaving Abandonment of job P-R-376
Actual reason for leaving P-B-008, P-B-096, P-B-229, P-B-245, P-B-271
Compared to offer of new work P-B-044, P-B-264
Constructive quit:  
   General P-B-194, P-B-471
     Conviction P-B-045, P-B-261, P-B-289
     Failure to call employer P-B-226
     24 hours, definition of P-B-443
     Violation of probation P-B-050
   Loss of automobile insurance P-B-471
   Loss of driver's license P-B-288, P-B-423
   Union dues, refusal to pay P-B-290
Good cause:  
   Acceptance of conditions when hired P-B-110, P-B-291
   Anticipation of discharge/layoff P-B-228, P-B-456
   Breach of employment contract P-B-126, P-B-296
   Desirous of retaining employment P-B-235
   Domestic or family concerns:  
     Child care P-B-237, P-B-246, P-B-256, P-B-266
     Family-general P-B-209
     Parents P-B-096, P-B-238, P-B-248
     Spouse P-B-202, P-B-239
   Early retirement P-B-479
   Fault P-B-110
   Follow spouse P-B-044, P-B-058, P-B-081, P-B-082, P-B-145, P-B-230, P-B-242, P-B-249, P-B-334
   General P-B-027, P-B-101, P-B-296, P-B-366
   Health P-B-096, P-B-117, P-B-131, P-B-144, P-B-225, P-B-253, P-B-254, P-B-263, P-B-274, P-B-276, P-B-287, P-B-295
   Intentions of employer P-R-279
   Living out of area P-B-208, P-B-240
   Looking for work P-B-011
   New or second job:  
     Apprenticeship P-R-283
     Better P-R-091, P-B-123, P-R-136, P-B-207, P-R-278, P-R-380
     Falls through P-B-277
     Firm offer vs. possibility P-R-015, P-B-277, P-B-366
     Promise of rehire P-R-279
     Stop-gap P-R-278
     Temporary P-R-278
     Two jobs P-R-038
   Personal affairs:  
     Funds needed P-B-274
     Legal proceedings P-B-273
     Move to new locality P-B-251, P-B-299
     Personal business P-B-037
   Pregnancy P-B-254
   Reasonable belief P-B-298
   Retirement P-B-097, P-B-479
   School P-B-284
   Self-employment P-B-005, P-B-270, P-B-271
   Sexual harassment P-B-475
   Spouses work for same employer P-B-239
   Subjective vs. objective P-B-117, P-B-248, P-B-298
   Transferred to distant locality P-B-427
   Transportation P-B-025, P-B-232, P-B-233, P-B-235, P-B-236, P-B-242, P-B-249, P-B-262
   Violation of Labor Code P-B-008, P-B-457
   Wage reduction P-B-088, P-B-124, P-B-127, P-B-240, P-B-286, P-B-296, P-B-301
   Working conditions:  
     General P-B-102, P-B-307
     Health and safety P-B-144, P-B-263, P-B-298
     Job dissatisfaction P-B-258, P-B-297
     Relations with co-workers P-B-297
     Relations with supervisors P-B-126, P-B-138, P-B-139, P-B-229, P-B-300, P-B-307, P-B-382, P-B-475
     Wages and hours P-B-027, P-B-280, P-B-281, P-B-291, P-B-294, P-B-301
Negation of good cause:  
   Change in situation P-B-123
   Gap between employment P-R-136
   Leave of absence P-B-094, P-B-246, P-B-247, P-B-248, P-B-253, P-B-256, P-B-258, P-B-287
   Notice of dissatisfaction P-B-008, P-B-457
   Reasonable measures P-B-457, P-B-475
   Transfer P-B-008, P-B-044, P-B-246, P-B-287
Period of disqualification P-B-005
Voluntary leaving or discharge see Moving Party
Withdrawal of resignation P-B-123, P-B-382
Voluntary Plan Disputed coverage P-D-007, P-D-416, P-D-426, P-D-455, P-D-469
Limitations on P-D-397
Simultaneous coverage P-D-386
WARN (Worker Adjustment & Retraining Act) P-B-477
Wage Loss P-D-055, P-B-060, P-D-098, P-D-381, P-D-402, P-B-417, P-D-435
Wages Aliens, base period P-B-460
Allocation P-B-004, P-B-022, P-B-040, P-D-041, P-B-052, P-D-055, P-D-160, P-B-161, P-B-357, P-B-422, P-B-429, P-B-451
Back pay P-B-047, P-D-055, P-B-128
Bonus P-D-160, P-B-357
Constructive payment P-B-052
Continuation pay P-B-004
Defined P-B-005
Disability payments P-B-071,
In lieu of notice P-B-043
Irregular P-B-047
Overtime P-D-055
Reduction of, voluntary quit P-B-088, P-B-124, P-B-127
Residuals P-B-022, P-B-156, P-B-422, P-B-429
Sick leave P-D-041, P-D-055
Stand-by pay P-B-477
Strike benefits P-B-093
Supplemental employee benefits P-B-047, P-D-055, P-B-060, P-B-477
Tips P-B-020, P-B-022
Vacation pay P-D-160, P-B-161, P-B-430, P-B-451
When paid vs. when earned P-D-041, P-B-052, P-B-352
Worker Adjustment & Retaining Act (WARN) P-B-477
Waiver Interest P-T-105, P-T-449, P-T-473
Notice P-T-302, P-B-483, P-B-494
Penalty P-T-030, P-T-105, P-T-473
Rights P-B-057
Week P-B-267, P-B-374, P-B-375
Willful False statements P-R-029, P-B-072, P-B-216, P-R-339, P-B-436, P-B-474
Misconduct P-B-014, P-B-167, P-B-423, P-B-445
Withdrawal Labor market, from P-B-258, P-D-381, P-D-402
Resignation, of P-B-123, P-B-382
Withholding, Income Tax P-T-405, P-T-449
Work Belief of parties P-T-099, P-T-100
Bona fide P-B-005, P-B-059, P-B-165, P-B-272
Casual P-T-404
Church schools P-T-336
Compared to employment P-B-005, P-B-154, P-B-156
Contract of P-B-116, P-B-275
Corporate officer P-T-358, P-T-406
Dual status as independent contractor P-T-406
Exempt employment P-B-111, P-B-269, P-B-333, P-T-336, P-T-404
Family P-B-111, P-T-405
Federal P-B-067, P-B-090, P-B-097, P-B-322
Intermittent P-B-373, P-B-409, P-B-430, P-D-455, P-D-469
Joint venture P-T-405
Lessee P-T-395, P-T-403
Localized in California P-B-120, P-T-148
Medical profession P-T-073, P-T-450
Military P-B-165, P-B-333
Musicians P-T-099, P-T-100
Partnership P-B-111, P-T-405
Presumption against P-T-404, P-T-450
Presumption for P-T-100
Prisoners P-B-090
Registration for P-B-205, P-B-351
Sales P-T-002, P-B-059, P-T-329, P-T-330, P-T-331, P-T-346, P-T-406
Self-employment P-B-156
Statutory employment P-T-329, P-T-330, P-T-331
Temporary P-B-154, P-B-267, P-B-269, P-B-284, P-D-455, P-D-469
Termination of employment relationship:  
   Filing of claim P-B-011, P-B-159
   Layoff P-R-029, P-B-161, P-B-373, P-B-430, P-D-455, P-D-469
   Permanent replacement P-B-095
   Sale of business P-B-264
   Suspension P-B-472
   Trade dispute P-B-095, P-B-208, P-B-399, P-B-451
Work Search Adequacy P-B-196, P-B-197, P-B-235, P-B-236, P-B-242
Compared to available for work P-B-062, P-B-292
Customary methods of obtaining work P-B-176
Reasonable instruction P-B-062, P-B-176, P-B-292
Work Share P-B-480
Worker Adjustment & Retaining Act (WARN) P-B-477
Worker Compensation Effect on other benefits P-B-021, P-D-435
Lien for disability benefits P-D-328

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