CUIAB Public Portal – Coming Soon

As part of a continuous effort to provide increased accessibility, improved support, and timely due process for California’s employers, unemployed, and disabled workers seeking to appeal their benefit or payroll tax determinations made by the Employment Development Department, the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) will be implementing a secured online public portal in the summer of 2022.

Online services will include:

Web Portal

Current Case

Upload & Download
Electronic Documents

Email Updates
& Notifications

Instead of calling the CUIAB, the new interactive public portal will provide appeal parties with online access to self-service tools, including 24-hour access to real-time case information and documents, via a secured web portal that can be accessed on mobile devices and/or computers.

Check back soon for more information and updates regarding this new and exciting new public portal.

Please be advised that until the public portal has been made available, parties must continue contacting CUIAB to obtain information regarding their appeal. Click the link below for the latest contact information for each of CUIAB’s respective office locations:

CUIAB Office Location Contact Information

CUIAB Public Portal Resources – Coming Soon