Frequently Asked Questions

myAppeal Account

  • Are CUIAB and EDD the same agency?
  • Why create a myAppeal account?
  • Where can I learn more about the CUIAB myAppeal user portal?
  • How do I know when there’s an update to my CUIAB myAppeal portal account?
  • What do I need to register for a myAppeal account?
  • Can I add a representative to my case?
  • How do I check the status of my case?
  • Is my information secure on CUIAB’s myAppeal portal?
  • What web browser(s) works best with the myAppeal portal?
  • Can the myAppeal portal be accessed and viewed from mobile devices?
  • Do I need a PDF reader to view documents online within the myAppeal portal?
  • Can I change my password?
  • I am locked out. Can I have my password reset?
  • How can I change my log-in/username if I no longer have access to my registered email?
  • How do I file a Board Appeal?
  • What is the Action Request Menu?
  • How can I update my profile?
  • How long do I have access to the myAppeal account and my case information?
  • Why do I have more than one case number?
  • Can I add documents to my case?
  • If I do not have a myAppeal portal user account, how can I submit or add documents to my case?
  • Can I request a change to my scheduled hearing date and time online?
  • How do I listen to my recorded hearing?
  • Who is a party to my case?
  • When and where is the hearing?
  • How do I log out of the myAppeal portal?
  • Why was I logged out of the myAppeal portal?
  • Who can I contact if I have additional questions about my case?
  • What if I need an interpreter?
  • Why have I not received any email from CUIAB?

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myAppeal User Feedback:
Please share suggestions you may have regarding your experience with the CUIAB's myAppeal public portal.
For specific appeal case information, please contact your assigned Appeal Office.
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