Public Records Request

Inspection of public records

When may public records be inspected?
All public records of the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (Appeals Board) which are subject to disclosure under the provisions & the California Public Records Act (Government Code Section 6250 et seq.) are open to inspection during normal office hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for state holidays at the office where those records are located.

How may I obtain access to a public record?
You may make requests to inspect and for copies of public records verbally or in writing to the Appeals Board’s Public Records Act Coordinator listed below.

What information should my request contain?
You should clearly describe the records desired so that the Appeals Board can locate the records. The Appeals Board staff will assist you in identifying records responsive to your request.

What if the Appeals Board determines some of the requested records are not disclosable?
The Appeals Board will notify you stating the reasons for the denial and the names and titles of each person responsible for the denial.

Am I required to identify myself in order to inspect the records?
You are not required to identify yourself in order to inspect public records. When the requested records are not readily available for immediate public inspection, Appeals Board staff will ask for your contact information in order to notify you as to when the records are available for inspection.

How soon can I inspect a record after it is located?
When records are not readily available for immediate public inspection, you will be notified of: (1) the location, date, and time at which the requested records may be inspected; and (2) the records which are not subject to disclosure pursuant to applicable provisions of the Public Records Act within 10 calendar days from receipt of your request. The time for response may be extended another 14 days under certain circumstances. Because some records may not be readily accessible, you may wish to schedule a mutually convenient time to inspect the records.

Can I remove the record from the Appeals Board’s premises?
Records cannot be removed from the Appeals Board’s premises under any circumstances. However, after your inspection, you may request a copy of any portion of that record, which the Appeals Board shall provide as soon as practicable upon payment of any duplication costs.

Requests for copies of public records

How quickly will the Appeals Board respond to my request for copies?
Within 10 days from receipt of your request (this may be extended by 14 days under certain circumstances), the Appeals Board will respond in writing as to whether it will comply with your request, the reasons for such determination, and an estimate of the date copies of the disclosable records will be made available.

Can I receive an electronic copy of the record?
Upon request, the Appeals Board will make available any public record in any electronic format in which the Appeals Board holds the information.

Is there any cost Involved?
There is no cost to inspect public records. Requests for copies of public records by the Appeals Board will require the following payment: (1) for photocopies: $0.10 per page; and (2) for electronic records: the direct cost of producing a copy of the record in an electronic format.

Can the Appeals Board provide copies of a large number of records?
The Appeals Board cannot immediately provide copies of a large or voluminous number of records. In this situation, you may wish to speak with staff to arrange a mutually convenient time for a professional copying service to copy the requested materials at your expense.

Who should I contact about my request?
All requests to inspect public records as well as requests for copies of public records should be directed to:

CUIAB Office of the Chief Counsel
2400 Venture Oaks Way, Sacramento, CA 95833
Telephone: (916) 263-6806