Precedent Decisions 1300 – 18012

This index organizes Precedent Decisions around groups of CUIC Code Sections, cross-referenced with the pertinent California Unemployment Insurance Code (CUIC) sections. The Sections are then sorted by Precedent Numbers.

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Note: The social security numbers (SSNs) and employer account numbers of those involved in these decisions have been deleted for privacy. Occasionally, employee names and SSNs were listed separately in an appendix; where that occurred, the appendix has been deleted.

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Code Sections: 100 – 1099 | 1100 – 1299 | 1300 – 18012

Code Section Precedent Numbers
1326 P-R-029 P-B-036 P-B-042 P-T-079 P-B-154 P-B-349 P-B-421
1327 P-B-036 P-B-042 P-B-050 P-B-063 P-B-065 P-T-079 P-B-090
P-R-107 P-B-126 P-R-146 P-B-154 P-B-267 P-B-268 P-T-302
P-B-319 P-R-339 P-R-340 P-B-357 P-B-359 P-R-363 P-R-371
P-T-407 P-T-411 P-B-420 P-B-421 P-B-424 P-R-432 P-B-481
1328 P-B-024 P-B-036 P-B-040 P-B-042 P-B-047 P-B-050 P-B-063
P-B-065 P-T-079 P-B-090 P-B-093 P-R-107 P-B-112 P-R-122
P-B-126 P-B-128 P-R-146 P-B-154 P-B-231 P-B-239 P-R-278
P-B-281 P-R-283 P-B-300 P-B-319 P-R-339 P-R-340 P-B-347
P-B-348 P-B-349 P-B-350 P-B-354 P-B-357 P-R-363 P-B-393
P-T-407 P-T-411 P-B-420 P-B-421 P-R-432 P-B-453 P-R-468
P-D-469 P-B-481 P-B-486  
1329 P-B-042 P-T-079 P-B-090 P-R-091 P-R-122 P-R-283 P-B-319
P-B-349 P-R-370 P-B-451 P-B-453 P-B-481 P-T-488  
1330 P-B-042 P-T-079 P-B-319 P-B-348 P-B-349 P-R-363 P-B-393
1331 P-B-042 P-T-079 P-B-128 P-B-319 P-B-349 P-R-363 P-B-481
1332 P-B-042 P-T-079 P-B-128 P-B-314 P-B-319 P-B-349 P-B-350
P-B-367 P-B-439 P-B-441 P-B-445 P-T-488  
1332.5 P-B-137  
1333 P-B-042 P-T-079 P-B-319 P-R-363 P-B-421 P-B-482  
1334 P-B-040 P-B-047 P-B-166 P-B-359 P-B-367 P-B-414 P-B-421
P-B-453 P-B-481  
1335 P-T-079 P-B-349 P-B-433  
1336 P-T-013 P-B-036 P-B-047 P-B-126 P-B-168 P-B-234 P-B-412
P-B-413 P-B-421 P-B-481  
1337 P-B-234  
1338 P-T-079  
1342 P-B-036 P-B-212  
1375 P-B-021 P-B-047 P-B-060 P-B-069 P-T-079 P-B-114 P-B-124
P-B-128 P-B-133 P-B-314 P-M-345 P-B-347 P-B-357 P-B-361
P-B-368 P-B-369 P-B-377 P-B-392 P-B-396 P-B-418 P-B-422
P-B-436 P-B-438 P-B-439 P-B-440 P-B-462 P-B-474 P-B-486
1375(a) P-B-021 P-B-486  
1375.1 P-B-436 P-B-442 P-B-462 P-B-474 P-B-486  
1376 P-M-345  
1377 P-B-347 P-B-348 P-B-367 P-B-392 P-B-486  
1379 P-B-361 P-B-369 P-B-486  
1380 P-T-079 P-B-392  
1451 P-B-452  
1452 P-B-452  
1453(a) P-B-373  
1701 P-T-407 P-T-411  
1731 P-T-142  
1732 P-T-142  
1733 P-T-142  
1735 P-T-446  
1851 P-T-023  
1951 P-T-013 P-T-056 P-T-079 P-T-425  
1952 P-R-038 P-B-057 P-B-182 P-B-235  
1955 P-B-057  
2070 P-B-003  
2101 P-B-137  
2125 P-D-487  
2601 P-B-082 P-D-132 P-D-397 P-D-434 P-B-465  
2602 P-D-055 P-B-274  
2603 P-T-079  
2608 P-D-068 P-D-130 P-D-384 P-D-386 P-D-387 P-D-391 P-D-463
2610 P-D-041  
2625 P-D-402 P-B-398  
2626 P-B-071 P-D-381 P-D-383 P-D-388 P-D-389 P-D-390 P-B-398
P-D-416 P-D-426 P-D-434 P-D-455 P-D-469  
2626(a) P-D-416  
2626.1 P-B-465  
2626.2 P-D-416 P-B-465  
2627 P-D-012 P-B-071 P-D-383 P-D-388 P-B-398 P-D-426  
2627(b) P-D-012 P-B-369 P-D-386 P-D-394  
2627(d) P-D-426  
2628 P-B-369 P-B-398 P-D-435 P-B-462  
2629 P-D-328 P-D-435 P-B-462  
2651 P-D-384  
2652 P-D-041  
2653 P-D-068 P-D-130 P-D-384 P-D-387 P-D-391  
2655 P-B-176  
2655.5 P-B-176  
2656 P-D-055 P-D-160 P-D-435  
2657 P-D-041  
2675 P-D-487  
2677 P-B-093  
2702.2 P-D-007  
2704.4 P-D-007  
2706 P-D-394 P-D-434  
2706.1 P-D-098 P-D-130 P-D-394 P-D-397  
2707.5 P-D-007  
2708 P-D-098 P-D-383 P-D-426 P-D-434  
2712 P-D-007 P-D-149 P-D-386 P-D-416 P-D-426 P-D-463 P-D-469
2735 P-D-160 P-D-328 P-D-402  
2735.1 P-D-487  
2735.5 P-D-328  
2736 P-D-487  
2737 P-B-392  
2741 P-D-328  
2801 P-D-012  
2802 P-D-012  
2803 P-D-012  
2804 P-D-328  
2853 P-D-384  
3251 P-D-469  
3253 P-D-397 P-D-455 P-D-469  
3254 P-D-455 P-D-469  
3254(a) P-D-397 P-D-416  
3255 P-D-397  
3263 P-D-469  
3503(c) P-T-407  
3551 P-T-407  
3654 P-T-407 P-T-411  
3655 P-T-407  
3701 P-R-029 P-B-065 P-B-216 P-R-338 P-R-339 P-R-340 P-R-343
P-T-407 P-T-411  
3702 P-T-079  
3751 P-B-392  
4000 P-R-363  
4001 P-R-363  
4002 P-R-363  
4654 P-R-363 P-T-407 P-T-411  
4655 P-R-363 P-T-407  
4701 P-R-363 P-T-407 P-T-411  
4702 P-R-363  
4751 P-B-392  
5000 P-W-051  
5001 P-W-051  
5007 P-W-051  
5007(a) P-W-051  
5200 P-W-051  
5301 P-W-051  
13002 P-T-449 P-T-473  
13020 P-T-446 P-T-473  
13021 P-T-449 P-T-473  

Code Sections: 100 – 1099 | 1100 – 1299 | 1300 – 18012

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