Precedent Decisions E – M

This index organizes precedent decisions around a key word or phrase. The “Subject” category is a broad area relevant to the law surrounding the issue. The “Sub-Category” is a further division of the issues related to the “Subject.”

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Note: The social security numbers (SSNs) and employer account numbers of those involved in these decisions have been deleted for privacy. Occasionally, employee names and SSNs were listed separately in an appendix; where that occurred, the appendix has been deleted.

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Subject Sub-Category Precedent Decision Numbers
Elective Coverage P-D-098,
Eligibility Based on facts at time claim filed P-B-259, P-B-265, P-B-266, P-B-472
Based on facts at time employment ends P-B-065, P-B-208, P-B-266
Employer Reimbursable P-T-407, P-B-414
Who is the employer:  
   Association of employers P-B-356
   Entire employing unit P-R-339
   Temporary services employer P-T-473
   Unity of enterprise P-T-019, P-T-033, P-T-158, P-T-358
Employment Belief of parties P-T-099, P-T-100
Bona fide P-B-005, P-B-059, P-B-165, P-B-272
Casual P-T-404
Church schools P-T-336
Compared to work P-B-005, P-B-154, P-B-156
Contract of P-B-116, P-B-275
Corporate officer P-T-358, P-T-406
Dual status as independent contractor P-T-406
Exempt P-B-111, P-B-269, P-B-333, P-T-336, P-T-404
Family P-B-111, P-T-405
Federal P-B-067, P-B-090, P-B-097, P-B-322
Intermittent P-B-373, P-B-409, P-B-430, P-D-455, P-D-469
Joint venture P-T-405
Lessee P-T-395, P-T-403
Localized in California P-B-120, P-T-148
Medical profession P-T-073, P-T-450
Military P-B-165, P-B-333
Musicians P-T-099, P-T-100
Partnership P-B-111, P-T-405
Presumption against P-T-404, P-T-450
Presumption for P-T-100
Prisoners P-B-090
Sales P-T-002, P-B-059, P-T-329, P-T-330, P-T-331, P-T-346, P-T-406
Self-employment P-B-156
Statutory employment P-T-329, P-T-330, P-T-331
Termination of employment relationship:  
   Filing of claim P-B-011, P-B-159
   Layoff P-R-029, P-B-161, P-B-373, P-B-430, P-D-455, P-D-469
   Permanent replacement P-B-095
   Sale of business P-B-264
   Suspension P-B-472
   Trade dispute P-B-095, P-B-208, P-B-399, P-B-451
Employment Development Department (EDD) Duty to provide information to claimant:  
   Base period change P-B-115
   Extended benefits P-B-482
   Handbook, general information
P-D-130, P-B-482
   Offers, referrals, wages P-B-006, P-B-182, P-B-310
Duty to provide information to employer P-R-468, P-T-488

Error P-T-158
   General P-T-002, P-B-005, P-T-064, P-B-115, P-D-130, P-T-450, P-T-473, P-B-480, P-B-482
   Timeliness P-T-023, P-T-035, P-B-168, P-B-466, P-B-482
Estoppel, Collateral:  
   Arbitration P-B-187
   Civil service hearing P-B-408
   Federal agency ruling P-T-104, P-B-191, P-T-403, P-T-406
   Finding of fact vs.
conclusions of law
P-B-191, P-B-408
   General P-B-408, P-T-437
   Prior unemployment hearing P-T-437
   Res judicata P-B-367, P-B-408, P-B-421, P-B-486
   Summary judgment of
Misleading information from P-B-168
Entitled to Receive Benefits P-B-071,
Estoppel Collateral:  
   Arbitration P-B-187
   Civil service hearing P-B-408
   Federal agency ruling P-T-104, P-B-191, P-T-403, P-T-406
   Finding of fact vs.
conclusions of law
P-B-191, P-B-408
   General P-B-408, P-T-437
   Prior unemployment hearing P-T-437
   Res judicata P-B-367, P-B-408, P-B-421, P-B-486
   Summary judgment of
General P-T-002, P-B-005, P-T-064, P-B-115, P-D-130, P-T-450, P-T-473, P-B-480, P-B-482
Timeliness P-T-023, P-T-035, P-B-168, P-B-466, P-B-482
Evidence Admissions by parties P-B-057, P-B-090
Declarations and affidavits P-B-273, P-B-293, P-B-378, P-B-478
Direct P-B-187
Exclusion of P-B-057, P-B-235
Findings of other tribunals P-T-104, P-B-187, P-T-403, P-T-406
Hearsay P-R-038, P-B-057, P-B-218, P-B-273, P-B-293, P-B-378, P-B-478
Illegally obtained P-B-057
Independent judgment P-T-013, P-B-057, P-B-069
Inferences P-R-085, P-B-153
Judicial notice P-B-292, P-B-482
Lay evidence of disability P-D-383, P-D-388, P-D-426
New evidence on appeal to Board P-T-013, P-B-144
Objection to P-B-235
Omissions P-B-251
Plea in criminal case P-B-090
Preponderance P-B-057
Privilege P-B-057, P-B-216
Unreliable, not credible P-B-021, P-B-057, P-B-292
Weight of P-T-013, P-B-057, P-T-100, P-B-188, P-B-276, P-D-381, P-D-384, P-R-468
Extended Benefits Federal:  
   Application of state
   Eligible for unemployment
P-B-368, P-B-396
   Notice of claim P-R-363, P-T-407, P-B-499
Training Benefits P-B-466, P-B-482, P-T-488
False Statement Agents and employees, liability for acts
P-R-029, P-B-060, P-B-216, P-R-338, P-R-339, P-R-340, P-R-343, P-B-418, P-B-474
Claimant to Department P-B-021, P-B-069, P-B-072, P-B-133, P-B-224, P-B-347, P-B-369, P-B-418, P-B-474
Claimant to employer P-B-078, P-B-103, P-B-181, P-B-485
Correction of false information P-R-029, P-R-343, P-T-407, P-T-411
Denial not believable P-B-021, P-B-347
Duty to investigate P-R-338, P-R-343
Duty to report all facts P-B-069, P-B-133, P-R-340, P-R-343, P-B-369, P-T-407
Employer to Department P-R-029, P-B-065, P-B-216, P-R-338, P-R-339, P-R-340, P-R-343, P-T-407, P-T-411
Inability to understand English P-B-060, P-B-418, P-B-474
Intent to defraud P-R-338, P-R-339, P-B-369, P-T-407, P-T-411
Knowledge of falsity P-R-339, P-B-418, P-B-474
Legislative intent P-B-069, P-B-452
Negligence/error P-R-029, P-B-065, P-B-224, P-R-338
No effect on benefits P-B-072, P-B-216
Oral statement P-T-411, P-B-485
Reckless P-B-436
Successive disqualifications P-B-069, P-B-137
Time limitation to assess P-D-487
Type of information subject to disqualification P-T-407, P-T-411
Willful P-R-029, P-B-072, P-B-216, P-R-339, P-B-436, P-B-474
Withholding information P-R-029, P-B-060, P-B-072, P-B-133, P-T-407, P-B-474
Family Defined P-B-058
Working for P-B-111, P-B-272, P-T-405
Fault General P-B-003, P-B-110
Overpayment P-B-114, P-B-361, P-B-368
Federal Employee P-B-067, P-B-090, P-B-097, P-B-366, P-B-479
Finality P-B-220, P-B-274, P-B-367, P-B-421, P-B-481
Findings Deference to fact finder P-T-013, P-B-369
Independent judgment P-T-013
Other tribunals P-T-104, P-B-187, P-T-403, P-T-406
What constitutes P-B-228
Fisherman Availability P-B-048
Defined P-B-355
Unemployed P-B-048, P-B-049, P-B-354
Fraud Against Department P-R-029
Against employer P-B-078
Statute of limitations P-D-487, P-T-489
Good Cause Backdating claim:  
   Beyond claimant’s control P-D-434
   Illness P-B-360
   Misleading information
from EDD
   Negligence P-D-130
   No notice of right to
General P-W-051, P-B-321, P-B-348, P-B-420
Late appeal, petition, or claim form:  
   Ambiguous notice P-B-281, P-B-347
   Confusion P-B-480
   Due diligence P-B-084, P-B-420
   Illness P-T-023
   Minimal delay P-B-420
   Mistake P-B-348
   No notice P-B-486
Late payment of taxes P-T-449
Need to explore common sense solutions P-B-025
No good cause exception P-T-030, P-T-105, P-T-449, P-B-466, P-B-482
Refuse offer of work:  
   Burden P-B-490
   Domestic concerns P-B-304
   Employed part-time P-B-314
   Health P-B-263, P-B-307
   Hours P-B-147, P-B-159, P-B-220, P-B-316
   Loss of union membership P-B-322
   Part-time offer P-B-316, P-B-317
   Personal preference P-B-323
   Prior experience P-B-134, P-B-263, P-B-324, P-B-326
   Prospects for other
   Recall or reemployment P-B-034, P-B-326
   Safety P-B-325
P-B-075, P-B-220, P-B-240, P-B-248, P-B-303, P-B-318
   Union membership or
agency fee
P-B-070, P-B-318
   Working conditions P-B-307, P-B-317, P-B-324, P-B-326, P-B-514
Reopen appeal/petition P-T-056, P-T-118, P-B-365, P-B-393, P-B-494
Untimely employer protest:  
   Location notice of claim
mailed to
P-R-146, P-R-370
   No information or dispute P-R-107, P-R-363
   No notice P-T-488
   Press of business P-T-302
Voluntary quit
Grooming P-B-066, P-B-087, P-B-121, P-B-151, P-B-362
Harassment P-B-475
Health Chronic illness-able to work part-time P-B-172, P-B-409
Compared to disability P-B-369, P-B-398, P-B-462
Pregnancy P-B-069, P-B-197, P-B-254, P-B-259
Very limited P-B-178
Voluntary leaving P-B-096, P-B-117, P-B-131, P-B-144, P-B-225, P-B-253, P-B-254, P-B-263, P-B-274, P-B-276, P-B-287, P-B-295
Working conditions affecting P-B-144, P-B-263
Hearing Fair P-B-166, P-B-359, P-B-414, P-B-494
Notice of P-T-056, P-B-133, P-T-302, P-B-414, P-B-483, P-B-494
Right to hearing on request for refund P-T-056, P-T-105
Hearsay Benefit cases P-B-057, P-B-218, P-B-273, P-B-293, P-B-378
Child intercept cases P-B-478
Rulings P-R-038
Immigration Issues Available for work P-B-153,
Color of law P-B-460
Lawfully present P-B-153,
Wage credits P-B-460
Imminent Marriage P-B-058, P-B-242
Immunity P-B-057
In Lieu of Notice Pay P-B-004
Incarceration Conviction P-B-045, P-B-261, P-B-289
Failure to call employer P-B-226
Income Tax Withholding P-T-405, P-T-449
Independent Contractor Accountants P-T-404
Belief of parties P-T-099, P-T-100
Clerical P-T-404
Dual status as employee P-T-406
General P-T-002, P-T-073
Home workers P-T-125
Housekeepers P-T-473
Interviewers P-T-104
Medical profession P-T-073, P-T-450
Musicians P-T-099, P-T-100
Professionals P-T-073, P-T-404, P-T-450
Sales P-T-002, P-B-059, P-T-346, P-T-406
Service station operators P-T-395
Unskilled P-T-473
Interest Claimant benefits P-B-476
Employer contributions P-T-031, P-T-105, P-T-449, P-T-473
Irresistible Impulse to Use Intoxicants P-B-445, P-B-465, P-B-483, P-B-500
Joint Venture P-T-405
Jurisdiction Child intercept cases P-B-478
Constitutional issues P-T-031, P-T-329, P-T-447
Final decision P-B-421
Invalidate Department regulations P-B-084, P-B-443, P-B-448
Irresistible impulse to use intoxicants P-B-445, P-B-483, P-B-500
Issues set forth in EDD determination P-D-098, P-D-130, P-B-220, P-B-266, P-B-445, P-B-494
Merits when appeal untimely P-B-199, P-B-348, P-B-350, P-B-354
New notice of determination P-B-367
Notice P-B-494, P-B-496
Overpayment after summary judgment issued P-B-486
Petition for reassessment P-T-105
Prospective eligibility P-B-067, P-B-259
Subject matter P-B-046, P-B-494, P-B-496
To award interest P-B-476
Wrong last employer P-B-424
Jury Trial, Right to P-T-023
Labor Market Attachment to labor market P-B-053, P-B-227, P-B-258, P-B-484
Lack of job openings compared to potential
labor market
P-B-180, P-B-200, P-B-240, P-B-259, P-B-265, P-B-305
Move to new job market P-B-171, P-B-179, P-B-180, P-B-199, P-B-309
Substantial labor market P-B-178, P-B-180, P-B-356, P-B-459
Withdrawal from labor market P-B-258, P-D-381, P-D-402
Laches P-T-104, P-T-302, P-T-489
Lag Test Period P-B-052, P-B-071, P-B-156, P-B-333
Last Employer Exempt employment P-B-090, P-B-269
Part-time employment P-B-268
Self-employment P-B-005, P-B-210, P-B-270
Temporary job P-B-154, P-B-267, P-B-269
Two jobs P-B-268
Work in week benefit year begins P-B-267
Layoff Definite P-B-161
Indefinite P-R-029, P-B-063, P-B-275, P-B-373, P-B-430, P-D-455, P-D-469
Leave of Absence Bona fide P-B-131, P-B-145
Effect of leave on employment relationship P-B-131, P-B-145, P-B-211, P-B-257, P-B-259, P-B-265
Negation of good cause to quit P-B-094, P-B-246, P-B-247, P-B-248, P-B-253, P-B-256, P-B-258, P-B-287
Partially employed individual P-B-174
Perfection of P-B-103, P-B-181
Legislation Legislative intent P-B-059, P-T-064, P-B-069, P-B-117, P-T-329, P-B-412, P-B-417, P-B-452, P-B-460, P-B-466
Operative date P-D-160, P-B-436
License, Loss or Denial of P-B-288, P-B-423
Lie Detector (Polygraph) P-B-194
Lien P-T-142, P-D-328
Lock-out P-B-024, P-B-451
Longshoremen P-B-119, P-B-237, P-B-240, P-B-356
Loss or Denial of License P-B-288, P-B-423
Military Employment P-B-165, P-B-333
Misappropriation P-B-010, P-B-057, P-B-090
Misconduct Absence:  
   Domestic concerns P-B-213, P-B-215
   Illness P-B-216
   Notice of P-B-213, P-B-215, P-B-216, P-B-510
Abusive language or behavior P-B-218, P-B-408
Accidents P-B-014, P-B-195
Arrest P-B-191, P-B-261
Attendance P-B-143, P-B-186, P-B-213, P-B-215, P-B-216,
Burden of proof P-B-010, P-B-057
Compared to “for cause” P-B-187
Condonation P-B-106, P-B-192
Connected with work P-B-183, P-B-189, P-B-191, P-B-217
Drinking and intoxication P-B-221
Drug/alcohol testing P-B-454, P-B-470
Duty of care P-B-193, P-B-293, P-B-408
Error in judgment P-B-021, P-B-221
Exercise of legal rights P-B-187, P-B-241
False information or concealment:  
   Job application P-B-077, P-B-184, P-B-241, P-B-485
   Other P-B-003, P-B-010
Fault P-B-066
Fighting P-B-106, P-B-167
General definition P-B-003, P-B-193, P-B-194
Grievance procedures P-B-187, P-B-188, P-B-353
Grooming P-B-066, P-B-087, P-B-362
Harm or injury to employer’s interests P-B-066, P-B-186
Insubordination P-B-190, P-B-400, P-B-508
Irresistible impulse to use intoxicants P-B-445
Isolated incident P-B-185, P-B-213
Job performance P-B-184, P-B-188, P-B-193, P-B-214, P-B-222, P-B-223, P-B-224, P-B-227
Loyalty to employer P-B-010
Misappropriation P-B-057, P-B-090
Negligence P-B-014, P-B-193
Off the job acts P-B-189, P-B-191, P-B-217, P-B-471
Participating in concerted action P-B-399
Perfecting leave of absence P-B-103, P-B-181
Picketing P-B-187
Progressive discipline P-B-400
Proximate cause P-B-065, P-B-106, P-B-192, P-B-215, P-B-224
Sleeping P-B-185
Tardiness P-B-143, P-B-186
Threats P-B-187
Violation of bargaining agreement:  
   General P-B-103
   No-strike clause P-B-016, P-B-089, P-B-231
Violation of employer rule or order:  
   Cash handling P-B-293
   Doubt as to reasonableness P-B-003, P-B-190, P-B-219
   Reasonable rule or instruction P-B-066, P-B-087, P-B-190, P-B-219, P-B-400, P-B-454, P-B-470
   Substantial compliance P-B-181
   Unreasonable rule or
P-B-003, P-B-183, P-B-194, P-B-362
Warnings P-B-213, P-B-214, P-B-221, P-B-293, P-B-508
Willfulness P-B-014, P-B-167, P-B-423, P-B-445
Mootness P-B-026
Most Recent Work Exempt employment P-B-090, P-B-269
Part-time employment P-B-268
Self-employment P-B-005, P-B-210, P-B-270
Temporary job P-B-154, P-B-267, P-B-269
Two jobs P-B-268
Work in week benefit year begins P-B-267
Moving Party Abandonment of job P-R-038
Claimant leaves before termination date P-B-037, P-B-164, P-B-456
Completion of contract P-B-106, P-B-116, P-B-275, P-B-285
Conditional withdrawal P-B-351
Constructive quit:  
   General P-B-194, P-B-471
     Conviction P-B-045, P-B-261, P-B-289
to call employer
     24 hours,
definition of
of probation
   Loss of automobile insurance P-B-471
   Loss of driver’s license P-B-288, P-B-423
   Union dues, refusal
to pay
Date of separation not definite P-B-102, P-B-166
Discharge for absence without notice P-R-086, P-B-213
Discharge rescinded P-B-244
Early retirement P-B-479
Employer fires before quitting date P-B-027, P-B-039, P-B-472
Forced resignation in lieu of discharge P-B-057, P-B-183, P-B-189, P-B-218, P-B-227
Leaves of absence:  
   Employee requested P-B-145, P-B-211, P-B-225
   Employer requested P-B-255, P-B-257, P-B-259, P-B-265, P-B-266
Mutual misunderstanding P-B-458
Offer of new work vs. quit P-B-044, P-B-264
One separation only per loss of work P-B-472
Pursuant to collective bargaining agreement P-B-106, P-B-110, P-B-212, P-B-257, P-B-290
Refusal to perform duties P-B-144, P-B-209
Sale of business P-B-264
Transfer in lieu of layoff P-B-088, P-B-124, P-B-127, P-B-232, P-B-286, P-B-291, P-B-456
Volition P-B-226, P-B-252, P-B-257
Withdrawal of resignation P-B-123, P-B-382

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